A Time Bomb

We finish using our spies to ensure that IE 8 handles drags outside the browser window properly, then manually confirm that the code works on the major browsers. We’re not done yet, though: there’s one line of code that is not yet tested. Worse, it’s a line that looks like it should be “cleaned up” and deleted. It’s a time bomb waiting to happen.

  1. E139Production-Grade

    Mon, 7 Oct ’13
  2. E140Send in the Spies

    Wed, 9 Oct ’13
  3. E141A Time Bomb

    Mon, 14 Oct ’13
  4. E142A Crazy Little Idea

    Wed, 16 Oct ’13
  5. E143Truly, Lovely, Nasty

    Mon, 21 Oct ’13
  6. E144Some Intense Troubleshooting

    Wed, 23 Oct ’13
  7. E145A True Cross-Browser Test

    Mon, 28 Oct ’13