Exploiting the Event Objects

We’ve spent this chapter creating ClientPointerEvent and ServerPointerEvent classes to act as a single source of truth about our real-time networking event data. But questions remain about whether this was a good idea. In this episode, we see if we can use the new classes to improve our client and server handlers.

  1. E445Subtle Duplication

    Mon, 12 Sep ’16
  2. E446Replace in Place

    Wed, 14 Sep ’16
  3. E447Psuedo-Deserialization

    Mon, 19 Sep ’16
  4. E448Over-Engineering?

    Wed, 21 Sep ’16
  5. E449Isolation Layer

    Mon, 26 Sep ’16
  6. E450Exploiting the Event Objects

    Wed, 28 Sep ’16
  7. E451Test Target

    Mon, 3 Oct ’16