Isolation Layer

It’s very easy for something like networking to extend its tendrils through your system, making future changes difficult. Providing a clear isolation boundary makes it easier to refactor. But our code, while nicely isolated, still doesn’t feel like it’s pulling its weight. We finish off our network event classes, then stop to consider what we’ve done.

  1. E445Subtle Duplication

    Mon, 12 Sep ’16
  2. E446Replace in Place

    Wed, 14 Sep ’16
  3. E447Psuedo-Deserialization

    Mon, 19 Sep ’16
  4. E448Over-Engineering?

    Wed, 21 Sep ’16
  5. E449Isolation Layer

    Mon, 26 Sep ’16
  6. E450Exploiting the Event Objects

    Wed, 28 Sep ’16
  7. E451Test Target

    Mon, 3 Oct ’16