To the Web!

We fix the minor errors in our package.json file and deploy to Heroku. Everything goes smoothly, so we write a smoke test to prove that WeeWikiPaint is online, document the deployment process in our Jakefile, and we’re done. We’re ready to move on to client-side development.

  1. LL5Deploying a Node.js Web Server to Heroku

    Sat, 29 Sep ’12
  2. LL8Automatopia

    Fri, 30 Nov ’12
  3. E28Which Host?

    Mon, 17 Sep ’12
  4. E29I Don’t Wanna Use Foreman

    Wed, 19 Sep ’12
  5. E30Parse the Procfile

    Fri, 21 Sep ’12
  6. E31Deploy It

    Mon, 24 Sep ’12
  7. E32To the Web!

    Wed, 26 Sep ’12