Deploy It

Confession time. I forgot something basic when writing the Procfile parsing code: I didn’t check if there was a library to parse Procfiles already. There is, so we rip out our parser and simplify our code. Then we set up a package.json file and deploy to Heroku. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

  1. LL5Deploying a Node.js Web Server to Heroku

    Sat, 29 Sep ’12
  2. LL8Automatopia

    Fri, 30 Nov ’12
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    Mon, 17 Sep ’12
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    Wed, 19 Sep ’12
  5. E30Parse the Procfile

    Fri, 21 Sep ’12
  6. E31Deploy It

    Mon, 24 Sep ’12
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    Wed, 26 Sep ’12