Abstractions: What and When?

We start by reviewing a new approach to smoke testing suggested by Laurent Bourgault-Roy, then dive back into our code cleanup work. Our goal this time is to figure out the best way to incorporate the Capture API into our design. That leads us to ponder one of the great mysteries: what abstractions should we create, and when should we create them?

  1. E146Fix the Mess

    Wed, 30 Oct ’13
  2. E147How to Test Legacy Code

    Mon, 4 Nov ’13
  3. E148Abstractions: What and When?

    Wed, 6 Nov ’13
  4. E149Testing the Capture API

    Mon, 11 Nov ’13
  5. E150Maintain Your Tests

    Wed, 13 Nov ’13
  6. E151A Clever Little Event Monitor

    Mon, 18 Nov ’13
  7. E152A Cure Worse than the Disease

    Wed, 20 Nov ’13
  8. E153A Happy Middle Ground

    Mon, 25 Nov ’13