“New” Video Player

When I first launched Let’s Code JavaScript back in 2012, support for video on the web was incredibly iffy. Built-in video players were wonky and some browsers didn't support MP4 (H.264) files.

To get around these issues, I used a third-party video player. It provided a standardized experience on all major browsers. This compatibility came at a cost: as browsers got better at playing video, my old player stayed stuck in the past.

Recently, that old player stopped working on Chrome. It was actually due Chrome blocking mixed content: my site uses HTTPS, but my CDN used HTTP. But at first, I thought the problem was the video player. So I finally retired it. Now your browser’s built-in player handles everything. This means you can take advantage of modern browser features, like picture-in-picture and variable playback speeds. (They’re usually available on the right-click menu.)

In my testing, the browser with the most video player features was Firefox. I’ve tested on all the other major browsers, too. Let me know if you have any trouble, and enjoy!

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