Let’s Code JavaScript is Free All Weekend

Spread the word! I’m celebrating the 500th episode of our “Recorded Live” series by throwing open the gates and inviting everyone inside. Let’s Code JavaScript is 100% free through the weekend! No login required. It starts now! It’s over! But you can still sign up for our seven-day free trial!

Start Here. Free Trial Here.

About Let’s Code JavaScript

Let’s Code JavaScript is a show about professional web development. We don’t teach you how to code, and we don’t binge on the latest fads. Instead, we show you how to create reliable, maintainable code, so your code becomes cheaper and cheaper to change over time, not more expensive. It really works!

We have four channels and hundreds of episodes. The main channels are:

  • How To Channel. Perfect for junior developers! A scripted, step-by-step introduction to professional development.

  • Live Channel. Real-world programming for intermediate and senior developers. You see everything—false starts, mistakes, and successes—which gives you what you need to reduce costs on your own real-world projects.

Start with our welcome page for more links and suggestions.

Favorite Videos

Here are some good places to start:

  • Welcome to Let’s Code JavaScript. Newly updated for our 500th episode, this has everything you need to know to get started.

  • The Definitive Guide to Object-Oriented JavaScript: A perennial favorite from the Lessons Learned channel and one of the most popular videos on this site. People say it’s the best description of JavaScript prototypes and inheritance they’ve seen.

  • Gather Your Tools: The start of our How To series for junior developers.

  • Season 5 Recap: A look back at our fifth season, which was about real-time web. We steadily cut the cost of delivering new network behaviors throughout the season. See how we did it in this episode.

Please Respect My Boundaries

Celebrate with us and enjoy as many videos as you like this weekend! With over 130 hours of content here, there’s more than enough to last you all weekend long.

If you still want more after the weekend is over, please subscribe. Because I’m committed to providing DRM-free downloads for subscribers, it is technically possible to download videos without paying for them. It’s not even hard. But please don’t. Without subscribers, I can’t make new videos. Your support makes the series possible in a very real way.

Thanks for understanding, and enjoy the show!

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