Coming Fridays: A New Channel for Beginners

This Friday, Let’s Code JavaScript launches its fourth screencast channel! The How To channel is for programmers starting out in their professional career. It uses the same immersive approach viewers love, with material and pacing specifically designed for beginning programmers.

The How To channel is a bridge for people who have learned the fundamentals of programming but aren't yet experienced professionals. In the series, we explore professional programming techniques as we build a simple JavaScript application from scratch. Topics include:

  • Version control
  • Reproducible builds
  • Static code analysis (linting)
  • Cross-browser testing
  • JavaScript modules
  • Test-driven development (of course!)
  • The Document Object Model
  • Design and refactoring

Episodes are free for the first month, so tell your friends! The first episode comes out this Friday, June 5th, and new episodes will come out every following Friday.

Retiring the TDD Distilled Channel

With the advent of our new channel, I’m retiring the venerable TDD Distilled channel. The channel was a repackaging of my original TDD screencast, which was written in Java rather than JavaScript, and it tended to confuse more than it helped. It’s still available if you want it, but it’s no longer linked in the navigation bar.

The new How To channel joins the Recorded Live, Lessons Learned, and The Lab channels to provide in-depth JavaScript videos suitable for any level of experience. Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

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