Let’s Code JavaScript Is Free All Weekend

Spread the word! I’m celebrating the 300th episode of our “Recorded Live” series by throwing open the gates and inviting everyone inside. Let’s Code JavaScript is 100% free all weekend! It starts now and continues until midnight Sunday evening / Monday morning eastern time (GMT-5).

Update: The free weekend is over! But you can still sign up for our free trial and see everything you missed!

How to Watch

There are three main channels. Follow these links to see the table of contents for each channel:

  • Recorded Live celebrates its 300th episode this week. It’s forty-one chapters of real-world programming, warts and all, on topics ranging from Node.js, to refactoring and design, to performance, to build automation, to test-driven CSS, and more, and more, and more. I don’t think any live programming series has ever lasted so long or gone into so much depth.

  • Lessons Learned provides concise, illustrated summaries of important topics. Test-driven development, object-oriented programming, workflow, modules, and other core concepts are covered here. These are high-impact videos that cover important topics quickly.

  • The Lab explores tools and advanced ideas. The series on front-end frameworks, including React and AngularJS, are the most popular, and the four-part series on working with legacy code that’s a must-see if your front-end JavaScript is getting out of control.

Favorite Videos

Here are some good places to start:

  • The Definitive Guide to Object-Oriented JavaScript: A perennial favorite from the Lessons Learned channel and one of the most popular videos on this site. People say it’s the best description of JavaScript prototypes and inheritance they’ve seen.

  • WeeWikiPaint: The first episode of my massive 300-episode live programming series. Viewers praise the quality and depth of the series, and they particularly like that I share warts and puzzles along with successes.

  • Front-End Frameworks: AngularJS: The beginning of my three-part AngularJS review. AngularJS is a hugely popular framework—but is it good? I put Angular through its paces by building a real application (and not a to-do list!). My Front-End Frameworks series are among my most popular, and this one most of all.

Please Respect My Boundaries

Celebrate with us and enjoy as many videos as you like this weekend! With close to 100 hours of content here, there’s more than enough to last you all weekend long.

If you still want more after the weekend is over, please subscribe. Because I’m committed to providing DRM-free downloads for subscribers, it is technically possible to download videos without paying for them. It’s not even hard. But please don’t. Producing this content is my full-time job and without subscribers I’d have to go make my living some other way. Your support makes the series possible in a very real way.

Thanks for understanding, and enjoy the show!

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