AngularJS Design & Architecture Livestream: Nov 18, 20, 25

My investigation into AngularJS continues! Over the next few weeks, I’m livestreaming Part II of my AngularJS review. In Part I, we looked at AngularJS fundamentals: controllers, directives, modularity, and testing. Now, in Part II, we’ll be investigating how Angular influences design and architecture.

  • Tuesday, Nov 18th @ 10am PST. Value objects and integrating with an external domain model.

  • Thursday, Nov 20th @ 10am PST. Form fields, cross-directive communication, and events.

  • Tuesday, Nov 25th @ 10am PST. Cross-application coordination and managing application state.

Watch at Each episode starts at 10am PST (GMT-8) and will last as long as needed, probably about two to four hours each. I’ll announce start and end times on Twitter (@jamesshore) as well.

As always, the livestream is unedited and unfiltered. If you like being part of the process, this can be great! You can interact with me and other viewers in the chat and you’ll have a chance to influence our direction. You might even get a mention in the final review.

On the other hand, if you don’t have patience for hours of research and coding, you’re better off waiting for the edited video. It will condense everything down into about 60 tightly-edited minutes. The edited video comes out on December 5th in The Lab.

It should be fun! I hope to see you there.

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