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Smoke Test Infrastructure

Our PhantomJS spike successfully draws a line on our WeeWikiPaint page. How can we turn that into an automated test? Our first step is to incorporate PhantomJS into our existing smoke test infrastructure. We get our smoke test to run PhantomJS, then figure out how to get PhantomJS to communicate back the results of its run.

  1. LL13PhantomJS and Front-End Smoke Testing

    Fri, 12 July ’13
  2. E94Unit Tests Aren’t Enough

    Wed, 1 May ’13
  3. E95PhantomJS

    Mon, 6 May ’13
  4. E96Smoke Test Infrastructure

    Wed, 8 May ’13
  5. E97Housekeeping

    Mon, 13 May ’13
  6. E98The SvgCanvas Class

    Wed, 15 May ’13
  7. E99Fixing Encapsulation

    Mon, 20 May ’13
  8. E100Fundamental Abstractions

    Wed, 22 May ’13
  9. E101“Good” vs. “Good Enough”

    Mon, 27 May ’13