No Need to Wait

Now that we have a nice abstraction for our tests’s Socket.IO clients, we no longer need our tests to manually wait for connections to be established. (The abstraction does it for us.) We make a final pass through our test code to remove unneeded code. That brings us to the end of the chapter.

  1. E544A Sense of Disconnection

    Wed, 23 Aug ’17
  2. E545Spike the Disconnect

    Mon, 28 Aug ’17
  3. E546Test-Driven Disconnect

    Wed, 30 Aug ’17
  4. E547How’s It Hangin’?

    Mon, 4 Sep ’17
  5. E548Once and for All

    Wed, 6 Sep ’17
  6. E549Is It Connected?

    Mon, 11 Sep ’17
  7. E550A Passing Connection

    Wed, 13 Sep ’17
  8. E551No Need to Wait

    Mon, 18 Sep ’17