Once and for All

Socket.IO has caused us no end of difficulties. We’re constantly fighting race conditions and process hangs in our tests. On the other hand, replacing Socket.IO is a big job with no guarantee that the replacement will be better. In this episode, we start working on a way to fix our Socket.IO problems once and for all.

  1. E544A Sense of Disconnection

    Wed, 23 Aug ’17
  2. E545Spike the Disconnect

    Mon, 28 Aug ’17
  3. E546Test-Driven Disconnect

    Wed, 30 Aug ’17
  4. E547How’s It Hangin’?

    Mon, 4 Sep ’17
  5. E548Once and for All

    Wed, 6 Sep ’17
  6. E549Is It Connected?

    Mon, 11 Sep ’17
  7. E550A Passing Connection

    Wed, 13 Sep ’17
  8. E551No Need to Wait

    Mon, 18 Sep ’17