Hilarity Ensues

We’ve implemented a very simple event repository so browsers can “catch up” when they connect. It’s not a full solution, but it’s enough to get us started. Now we need to update our server code to use the repository. We start writing a test that will prove new connections get replayed events.

  1. E501Real-Time Web: Reloaded

    Mon, 27 Mar ’17
  2. E502Gets Me Going

    Wed, 29 Mar ’17
  3. E503Hilarity Ensues

    Mon, 3 Apr ’17
  4. E504Wrapped Up in Knots

    Wed, 5 Apr ’17
  5. E505Replay the Events

    Mon, 10 Apr ’17
  6. E506Performance and Evolutionary Design

    Wed, 12 Apr ’17