Shotgun Surgery

We start implementing our real-time drawing story by adding new client and server events for line drawing. This raises a question: adding new behaviors requires a lot of little edits across our codebase. It’s a textbook case of the shotgun surgery code smell. How can we eliminate this smell from our code?

  1. E473Real-Time Networking Overview

    Mon, 19 Dec ’16
  2. E474Shotgun Surgery

    Wed, 21 Dec ’16
  3. E475Monkey Work

    Mon, 26 Dec ’16
  4. E476Accepting the Duplication

    Wed, 28 Dec ’16
  5. E477Data Transport

    Mon, 2 Jan ’17
  6. E478Send the Draw Event

    Wed, 4 Jan ’17
  7. E479Moment of Truth

    Mon, 9 Jan ’17