Drop Shadow of the Colossus

Test-driving our button’s drop shadow is super easy… everywhere except IE 9. IE returns a different format, so we have figure out how to deal with yet another cross-browser CSS reporting difference. Next, we move on to vertically centering our button text. Our solution has duplication that’s a bit error-prone, but we come up with a nice way of dealing with it.

  1. E230Button Block

    Wed, 20 Aug ’14
  2. E231T̶he ͘center̨ c̕ann͞o͞t̀ ͘h̛o͠ld̛

    Mon, 25 Aug ’14
  3. E232Rounding Errors

    Wed, 27 Aug ’14
  4. E233Rounded Corners

    Mon, 1 Sep ’14
  5. E234Drop Shadow of the Colossus

    Wed, 3 Sep ’14
  6. E235Stylish Text

    Mon, 8 Sep ’14
  7. E236Cheating Our Way Through :hover

    Wed, 10 Sep ’14
  8. E237Quick and Smooth

    Mon, 15 Sep ’14
  9. E238Clearing It Out

    Wed, 17 Sep ’14