A Promising Beginning

Despite the confusion in the last episode, getting Karma to load our CSS file for testing is very easy. We get that working, prove that we can test-drive real CSS code, and even demonstrate that we can refactor it without breaking our tests. We’re off to a good start! Next time, we’ll start a new chapter and test-drive our production CSS for real.

  1. E211Why Test-Drive CSS?

    Mon, 16 June ’14
  2. E212Tilting at Windmills

    Wed, 18 June ’14
  3. E213Inventing the Future

    Mon, 23 June ’14
  4. E214isElementCenteredInPage()

    Wed, 25 June ’14
  5. E215Asserting the Layout

    Mon, 30 June ’14
  6. E216A CSS Loading Conundrum

    Wed, 2 July ’14
  7. E217A Promising Beginning

    Mon, 7 July ’14