Test-Driven Files

We’re ready to test-drive our file-serving code. We start by discussing strategy: unit tests versus integration tests; synchronous versus asynchronous Node calls; temp directory versus build-tree directory. Then we write the file handling code for our test, taking extra care with setup and cleanup so the test will work reliably in the future.

  1. E17Minimum Marketable Feature

    Wed, 22 Aug ’12
  2. E18Test-Driven Files

    Fri, 24 Aug ’12
  3. E19Serve a Static File

    Mon, 27 Aug ’12
  4. E20404: Found

    Wed, 29 Aug ’12
  5. E21Checking Our Assumptions

    Fri, 31 Aug ’12
  6. E22Custom 404 Page

    Mon, 3 Sep ’12