Don’t Forget the “Refactor” Part

Test-driven development is red, green, REFACTOR. Not only do you need to clean up your code as you go, it’s also important to take a step back and do a larger clean-up pass when you’ve finished a chunk of work. In this episode, we take that step back for the client code and event handling tests we just finished.

  1. E174Don’t Forget the “Refactor” Part

    Wed, 5 Feb ’14
  2. E175A Useful Test Abstraction Technique

    Mon, 10 Feb ’14
  3. E176Refactoring Cycles

    Wed, 12 Feb ’14
  4. E177Figure It Out As We Go

    Mon, 17 Feb ’14
  5. E178Fixing the Leaky Abstraction

    Wed, 19 Feb ’14
  6. E179The Advantage of TDD

    Mon, 24 Feb ’14
  7. E180Better Enough

    Wed, 26 Feb ’14
  8. E181The Itch to Ship

    Mon, 3 Mar ’14
  9. E182Clean Code

    Wed, 5 Mar ’14