We start our look at test automation with the first of three fundamental testing tools: assertions. We start from first principles by building our own assertion function, then introduce the popular Chai assertion library. Along the way, we touch on exception handling and take a look at the pros and cons of different assertion styles.

  1. LL6Cross-Browser Testing with Karma

    Sat, 13 Oct ’12
  2. E10A Localhost Server

    Fri, 7 Aug ’15
  3. E11Assertions

    Fri, 14 Aug ’15
  4. E12Test Frameworks

    Fri, 21 Aug ’15
  5. E13Cross-Browser Tests

    Fri, 28 Aug ’15
  6. E14Automating Karma

    Fri, 4 Sep ’15
  7. E15Testing Android, iOS, IE, and More

    Fri, 11 Sep ’15