A Test-Driven Touch Interaction

When we made our test create a touch event, it broke every browser except iOS Safari, so we figure out how to make our touch tests skip browsers that don’t have touch support. Our next hurdle is to properly set up our test’s touch event. We get it working and complete our first few test-driven touch interactions.

  1. E70Touch Events Spike

    Wed, 6 Feb ’13
  2. E71Preparing to Test-Drive Touch Events

    Mon, 11 Feb ’13
  3. E72Touch and Go

    Wed, 13 Feb ’13
  4. E73A Test-Driven Touch Interaction

    Mon, 18 Feb ’13
  5. E74Touchy

    Wed, 20 Feb ’13
  6. E75Multitouch

    Mon, 25 Feb ’13
  7. E76Feeling Our Way Along

    Wed, 27 Feb ’13
  8. E77Self-Documenting

    Mon, 4 Mar ’13