Preparing for Dependency Injection

Our spike proves that our UI can send pointer events to the server. Now it’s time for the real work: figuring out how to get our UI code to talk to our network code in a clean, test-driven way. We look at the problem and decide that we’ll need to inject our network connection. To do that, we need to refactor it from a module to a class.

  1. E395A Client Networking Spike

    Mon, 21 Mar ’16
  2. E396Preparing for Dependency Injection

    Wed, 23 Mar ’16
  3. E397Object-Orientatiating

    Mon, 28 Mar ’16
  4. E398Build the Spy

    Wed, 30 Mar ’16
  5. E399Waiting for Connection

    Mon, 4 Apr ’16
  6. E400Connect the UI

    Wed, 6 Apr ’16
  7. E401A Successful Spy

    Mon, 11 Apr ’16
  8. E402Wire It Up

    Wed, 13 Apr ’16