Hang Ten

We start the next stage of our journey towards real-time networking. In the last chapter, we created the ability to test our client-side network code. Now it’s time to start implementing the client network abstraction. We start by fixing a glitch in our test: it was talking to Karma, not our test server. That reveals another bug in socket.io, but we find a work-around.

  1. E386Hang Ten

    Wed, 17 Feb ’16
  2. E387A Question of Test Quality

    Mon, 22 Feb ’16
  3. E388The AJAX Back-Channel

    Wed, 24 Feb ’16
  4. E389Connection Query

    Mon, 29 Feb ’16
  5. E390Show Some ID

    Wed, 2 Mar ’16
  6. E391Racing to Disconnect

    Mon, 7 Mar ’16
  7. E392This Kills the Browser

    Wed, 9 Mar ’16
  8. E393Pointing the Way

    Mon, 14 Mar ’16
  9. E394An Eventful Race

    Wed, 16 Mar ’16