Enforce the Node Version

People don’t read documentation. So when we set out to prevent the Node version incompatibility (in episode 11) from ever happening again, documenting the version isn’t enough. Instead, we modify our build to fail when the version is wrong. We get the version by shelling to a process, which turns out to be unnecessary, but it’s good to know how to do.

  1. LL3Integration Testing a Node.js Web Server

    Sat, 1 Sep ’12
  2. LL8Automatopia

    Fri, 30 Nov ’12
  3. E9A Very Simple HTTP Server

    Fri, 3 Aug ’12
  4. E10Test-Driving an HTTP Server

    Mon, 6 Aug ’12
  5. E11Lots of Learning

    Wed, 8 Aug ’12
  6. E12Our First Client/Server Test

    Fri, 10 Aug ’12
  7. E13A Basic “Hello World” Server

    Mon, 13 Aug ’12
  8. E14Polishing Up the Server

    Wed, 15 Aug ’12
  9. E15Enforce the Node Version

    Fri, 17 Aug ’12
  10. E16Make Them Read Your Crap

    Mon, 20 Aug ’12