Reliable Tests for Unreliable Browsers

IE 8 is just flat-out broken. It doesn’t report element positions reliably. After spending a lot of time off-camera trying to figure out how to work around the problem, I finally give up. Now our challenge is to write tests that reliably test the browsers that work, without breaking on the browser that doesn’t.

  1. LL16JavaScript Workflow 2015

    Fri, 6 Feb ’15
  2. E133More Karma

    Mon, 16 Sep ’13
  3. E134CommonJS in Karma 0.10

    Wed, 18 Sep ’13
  4. E135Debugging with Karma 0.10

    Mon, 23 Sep ’13
  5. E136Reliable Tests for Unreliable Browsers

    Wed, 25 Sep ’13