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Test Target

We wrap up our chapter with a quick set of build improvements. We introduce a new ‘testShared’ target to test our isomorphic code in both Node and browsers. Then we close out the chapter by looking at what comes next and addressing a dependency injection design question.

  1. E445Subtle Duplication

    Mon, 12 Sep ’16
  2. E446Replace in Place

    Wed, 14 Sep ’16
  3. E447Psuedo-Deserialization

    Mon, 19 Sep ’16
  4. E448Over-Engineering?

    Wed, 21 Sep ’16
  5. E449Isolation Layer

    Mon, 26 Sep ’16
  6. E450Exploiting the Event Objects

    Wed, 28 Sep ’16
  7. E451Test Target

    Mon, 3 Oct ’16