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What’s Your Location?

We need our ghost pointer to show up again after a client timeout, but how do we know where to put it? We consider just drawing it in its last known location, but that doesn’t always work. A bit of poking and prodding later, we have a solution.

  1. E600The Final Chapter

    Wed, 7 Mar ’18
  2. E601Simulation vs. Event Triggers

    Mon, 12 Mar ’18
  3. E602Screechingly Obvious Code

    Wed, 14 Mar ’18
  4. E603Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em

    Mon, 19 Mar ’18
  5. E604Async, Await, and Selenium

    Wed, 21 Mar ’18
  6. E605Selenium and Real-Time Networking

    Mon, 26 Mar ’18
  7. E606A Tiny Dot of Perfectionism

    Wed, 28 Mar ’18
  8. E607The Great Teleporting Mouse Pointer

    Mon, 2 Apr ’18
  9. E608What’s Your Location?

    Wed, 4 Apr ’18
  10. E609Put a Bow On It

    Mon, 9 Apr ’18