Welcome to Let’s Code JavaScript

Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript is a screencast series focused on rigorous, professional web development. That means test-driven development, of course, and also techniques such as build automation, continuous integration, refactoring, and evolutionary design.

The series consists of over 300 DRM-free videos on a huge number of topics. Each episode includes source code and may be streamed online or downloaded. The series is produced by James Shore, an award-winning author with over 15 years experience developing applications using test-driven development and other agile programming techniques.

There are three main ways to experience the content:

  • Total Immersion: The Recorded Live channel immerses you in rigorous software development. Mistakes, setbacks, and triumphs: it’s all there for you to see and learn from.

    For beginners, the How To channel provides the same immersion experience, paced and designed for programmers just starting their professional career.

  • Reference & Tutorials: The Lessons Learned channel provides concise tutorials on specific topics. It’s great for when you just want to know how to solve a problem.

  • New Ideas & Challenges: The Lab investigates challenging problems and new technologies. These episodes are perfect when you want to stretch yourself.

See below for samples from the Lessons Learned and Recorded Live channels. When you’re ready to subscribe, you can sign up here.


Lessons Learned: Tutorials & Reference

The “Lessons Learned” channel distills topics down to their essence. We use images, animation, and code to concisely illustrate theory. Topics range from object-oriented programming, to continuous integration, to modularity and cross-browser testing.

You can browse the Lessons Learned episodes here.


Recorded Live: Total Immersion

“Recorded Live” episodes are a live recording of an application as it’s developed, with commentary. I edit out dead-ends and time spent in research so each episode is focused and meaningful.

The above episode is from chapter 12, “Touch Events.” You can browse the rest of the Recorded Live episodes here.